What is fleet maintenance and repair?

West Ave Automotive offers a top quality Fleet maintenance service in San Antonio. What is Fleet Service repair? Fleet service repair is a preventive maintenance program for any company that owns vehicles such as trucks, rental cars, card dealerships and is intended to keep vehicles safe to drive. Otherwise knows as vehicle maintenance program, fleet maintenance and repair services can reduce the costs of both operations and repairs.

What are the benefits of Fleet Maintenance and Repair Programs?

Lower costs of repairs

A fleet maintenance program also serves to lower the costs of repairs. For example, in the short term, maintaining a vehicle’s engine might be expensive, however its not as expensive as replacing the entire engine or vehicle.

Lower operational costs

Performing preventive maintenance on your fleet can also reduce operational costs. Your vehicles they use less fuel and retain their value when they run at top efficiency. This can be of great benefit in case they need to be liquidated later. In almost all cases, a well maintained vehicle will cost more than a broken-down vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance & Quality Repairs

Our service helps to make sure you avoid costly repairs to your fleet with our preventative maintenance services. Timely tune-ups and oil changes are the secrets to a healthy engine. Our thorough inspection services will analyze your engine systems, mechanical systems, and electrical systems for the purpose of discovering potential issues and managing them ahead of time using our  state-of-the-art technologies and service techniques. Our goal is to help you avoid time-consuming misdiagnoses for your vehicles. We will work with you to schedule timely tune-ups and oil changes are the secrets to a healthy engine.

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