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Oscar Barron
Oscar B.
04:41 28 Jan 22
These guys were super great!!! We had a burned out backup light bulb we needed replaced in order to get the inspection and afterwards the registration sticker. As you know cars of today don't make it simple get to these light bulbs. Well, I'm still a ways away from healing completely after my hospital stay. These guys changed the bulb for Rachel and me and did not charge us. I hope we don't have a serious car problem but if/when we do they will have our business. Thank you so much guys!!!
Linda Flores
Linda F.
21:44 17 Jan 22
All I have to say is I Trust this place the guys here are honest and reasonable with prices verses other companies that will over charge you?? Well not here. I came in today because my light engine came on. They reset my check engine light and told me if it comes on again then there's a chance it can be my cat converter because I had been given the code P0420 and he knew what they meant. I've had my transmission flushed here and my car is running great. Thanks Matt and all crew .
Sohn N.
Sohn N.
21:20 16 Jan 22
Had to get a rebuild on my transmission...great price, very friendly, and did the job in a timely manner.... Would recommend them to anyone!!!!
Tinesha Jefferson
Tinesha J.
06:07 16 Jan 22
Erick Schlather
Erick S.
23:31 06 Jan 22
Michael Archer
Michael A.
19:08 26 Dec 21
Aside from unavoidable delays due to parts availability this shop, Matt in particular, took very good care of me and my vehicle. He clearly explained everything, including the delay issues. When the replacement part price suddenly increased, West Ave. Automotive even ate part of the cost. My 12 year old SUV runs like new now. Could not be much happier.
Michael B.
Michael B.
08:48 02 Nov 21
These guys are the best and I have recommended them to others.Please check them out they have great customer service.
Connie W.
Connie W.
12:39 07 Oct 21
We've taken our cars and truck to West Ave for service and repair for the last 7 or 8 years. They've always given us great results for an excellent price....
Aaron Root
Aaron R.
02:45 10 Sep 21
Exceptional service! Matt and expert crew at West Ave Automotive are super attentive and provide a rare personalized service and care. Highly recommended!
20:05 01 Sep 21
Very Honest People. Gave me Good advice & guidance for caring for my Transmission. TY!THIS IS HOW BUSINESSES SHOULD BE RUNNED. HOSPITALITY ❤💯
Azul Barrientos
Azul B.
23:52 23 Aug 21
Good, honest people! We are coming back! (hopefully not too soon though 😁)
Dakotah Jay
Dakotah J.
16:06 31 Jul 21
K C.
K C.
15:09 20 Jul 21
Glad that they honor the Warrantees. I went to West Avenue for an A/C Repair. It worked fine. Then - Covid hit. Due to the restrictions in place, I rarely...
Joanna de la Cruz
Joanna de la C.
17:40 28 Jun 21
I've been to several auto shops over the years and this is the one shop I actually trust. Friendly, professional, and honest. I highly recommend them!
Chris Jouas
Chris J.
19:23 09 Jun 21
Great people, great mechanics, honest pricing very trustworthy wouldn't take my car anywhere else living here
Liz H.
Liz H.
16:44 20 May 21
They did an awesome job on our Honda A/C. Look forward to other jobs on our other vehicles! They are knowledgeable, reliable and efficient on their work!...
Roger P.
Roger P.
07:34 23 Apr 21
Have always had excellent service with the assurance that no corners will be cut. Silverado trans oil change done quickly and efficiently.
Greg Swinney
Greg S.
12:20 20 Apr 21
Good guys. Helped us diagnose a tough problem and we're very helpful with diagnosis even though we couldn't afford to do all the work at the moment. Good guys.
Paul Seeman
Paul S.
22:24 13 Mar 21
I have not had a tone of work done at WAA but they did have the opportunity to take advantage of my 2002 F150, and they did not. They have won the title of "my auto shop." I will update if they lose my faith.
Jettro J.
Jettro J.
14:56 12 Mar 21
I was very satisfied with the work done on my 2003 Honda accord. The problem was explained thoroughly and vehicle was fixed within the allocated time that...
Alfonsa Chavez
Alfonsa C.
05:18 08 Mar 21
Highly recommend, all the staff and owners go above and beyond! Definitely will be going back every time my car needs repair.
Colette Henry
Colette H.
02:31 31 Dec 20
Christian Acosta
Christian A.
02:13 13 Nov 20
Sukumar Reddy
Sukumar R.
17:23 11 Nov 20
Great people , experienced and good and honest , helped a lot and very professional and knowledgeable, They brought my bmw to life, thank you again, we moved to Dallas but still Desi remember us it’s been 4 years, 5 hours drive to get my Mercedes serviced here is west ave is worth’s hard to see such good people
Lea Anzalotta
Lea A.
15:40 02 Nov 20
Great service and quality repair shop. They replaced the transmission on my 2010 Ford Explorer (200,000 plus miles), a cracked heater hose assembly, front stabilizer sway bar, and the gearshift lever assembly. It's like I have a new car. I know that if there is any issue with repairs they have done, I will be able to call and they will take care of the problem. It's nice to have a locally owned, trustworthy place to take my car. The owners are friendly, knowledgeable, and best of all, in the shop everyday to take care of their customers.
Valen Leonhart
Valen L.
16:38 27 Oct 20
Brought in my SUV for brakes and oil change. Everyone here was friendly, nice and quick to get my vehicle fixed up. I love how they get the job done without pushing unnecessary additions and repairs. They get the job done, do it right, have good prices, and I feel like I can trust their opinion and work. You won't regret trying this place out.
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus R.
19:28 12 Oct 20
Michelle LaReau
Michelle L.
22:49 25 Sep 20
drive side car window broke... would not go up or down. Went in to facility and was helped right away and issue taken care of. That's service....Excellent service!!!!
Scott Miller
Scott M.
13:59 25 Sep 20
Great people that you can trust.
Weslea Brandon Miller
Weslea Brandon M.
17:00 07 Sep 20
It is always such a relief to know that I'm taking a vehicle to an honest and capable shop. The Snells and their crew are above reproach when it comes to honest, reliable assessment of a car's needed repairs. Then, they fix it right and stand behind their work. We have used them multiple times for our personal vehicles, and I've used them for my business-owned van as well.Good people doing good work. Thanks, y'all!
Weslea M.
Weslea M.
10:07 07 Sep 20
It is always such a relief to know that I'm taking a vehicle to an honest and capable shop. The Snells and their crew are above reproach when it comes to...
David Oliva
David O.
22:56 26 Aug 20
Did the Job right.
Gina Galloway
Gina G.
21:02 26 Aug 20
Matt was great communicated throughout on what to expect! I even was pressed for time and they were able to expedite and get me going!!
Bradford Lundin
Bradford L.
02:54 23 Aug 20
Nathan Clifford
Nathan C.
19:45 15 Aug 20
Daria Valdez
Daria V.
21:08 10 Aug 20
My big brother highly recommended West Ave to work on the brakes for my 2009 Toyota Camry and I am so very happy I listened to him. My brakes were in desperate need of repair. West Ave did an incredible job, with quality service, and honest and excellent prices. My car was even ready before it was promised. Wow. It feels amazing to feel safe on the road again. As a single woman caring for my terminally ill mother, every penny counts. I want to pay for quality work that is needed and not feel taken advantage of. West Ave Automotive & Transmission went above and beyond to repair my brakes with excellent work and prices. I highly recommend them and encourage you to give them a call today.
Yvette S.
Yvette S.
13:02 07 Aug 20
I would give this place a 5 star if i could. They do great quality work and are very affordable. Ive been taking both of my vehicles here for years. Great...
neal keyser
neal K.
18:27 06 Aug 20
Uncommon honesty equals integrity these days. This business treats customers with both. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Will strongly recommend to anyone looking for an honest mechanic.
Dustin Gass
Dustin G.
19:09 22 Jun 20
Top quality service, great honest people, highly recommend
Grant Edwards
Grant E.
05:53 21 Jun 20
I’m very happy with the work, and I especially appreciated that they didn’t try to add on extra maintenance, just did what was necessary. Thanks!
Mel E.
Mel E.
13:11 17 Jun 20
I had an awesome experience yesterday. They are honest, reliable, quick and great service. I will definitely come back and recommend others to this place.
Jose Oviedo
Jose O.
02:54 15 Jun 20
Lauren Kesler
Lauren K.
17:59 11 Jun 20
Best in town! Everyone here from the workers to the owners are friendly and caring. They take the time to explain everything they are doing and make sure you are set before you leave. In the past I've been treated like a young girl going to places for my car and made to feel like the problem is in my head, but not once have they ever made me feel like a bother or a child that doesn't know anything. Greg and Desi really have a great business and do all they can.
David Allen
David A.
01:04 03 Jun 20
Exceptional place, owner team (Greg and Desi), and mechanics. Honest. Transparent. Knowledgeable. Courteous. Professional. Genuinely friendly.
Mike McWilliams
Mike M.
18:04 17 Apr 20
We own Dive In Pool Service & Repair and we ALWAYS bring our vehicles (work & personal) to West Ave A&T, always! They do great work, they're honest, they not only tell you what was 'broken', but why and they care. We've tried different shops...until we found Greg and his crew. Bye-bye GM!!!
Mike M.
Mike M.
11:07 17 Apr 20
We own Dive In Pool Service & Repair and we ALWAYS bring our vehicles (work & personal) to West Ave A&T, always! They do great work, they're honest, they...
israel gonzalez
israel G.
08:28 09 Mar 20
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah R.
18:15 08 Mar 20
Excellent service once again. I will continue bringing my car here for service.
Gary Cobb
Gary C.
16:23 23 Jan 20
jamar bell
jamar B.
05:55 11 Jan 20
Rachel Rudloff
Rachel R.
22:45 20 Dec 19
Great service. Honest friendly staff. Will most definitely always go back to this place. Great prices. New Owners just took over and they are doing a great job at turning it around. Keep it up!
G Don (GD444)
G Don (.
13:27 07 Nov 19
Friendly and honest folks.
17:46 24 Oct 19
Desi and Greg are honest, fair, helpful and transparent! They've made a customer for life with me. Thanks guys!
Roxanne M
Roxanne M
21:54 23 Oct 19
Thank you Greg and Desi for your friendly reception and helpful service. Your knowledge, service and advice is appreciated and I will be back!
Mychel J.
Mychel J.
12:35 08 Oct 19
Great Automotive Company. Marvin would not let my car go without finding the noise I was hearing. Greg and Desi are incredibly nice and they go the extra...
Jerry Overman
Jerry O.
00:51 04 Oct 19
Best and most honest people working on cars in Texas
Rene J Pastrano
Rene J P.
19:58 24 Sep 19
They are honest, do great work, and reasonably prices. I highly recommend them.
Rene Pastrano
Rene P.
18:44 24 Sep 19
I really like this place. They are honest, do a great job, and provide great service. The most honest mechanic I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend them
John E.
John E.
18:42 20 Sep 19
I am doing a tranny upgrade on a Mustang and they are doing the work, we ran into many difficulties because of where I bought the transmission and I am...
Francisco Ortega
Francisco O.
14:51 20 Sep 19
David Munro
David M.
18:46 12 Sep 19
These guys are the BEST!!! extremely professional.... fast.... reasonable..This is what you need in an auto mechanic.I wouldn't go anywhere else
Gabriel Grigoras
Gabriel G.
21:35 24 Apr 19
the owners Greg and Desi are so honest,kind and knowledgeable,care about their customers .I ll be returning with my other vehicles and strongly recommending my family and friends,thank you
Marla M.
Marla M.
13:20 19 Oct 18
Very meticulous in their work and provided excellent service by Greg, Desi and Rex. Transmission problems with rusted support bolts, made for a headache....
Jess B.
Jess B.
18:12 17 Sep 18
I always bring my 06 Jeep Liberty here. These guys are awesome! They always give you a straight answer and are fast to get you up and running again without...
Rosa Brown
Rosa B.
18:05 23 May 18
Fast friendly service at West Ave Auto shop. My was towed to shop on Sunday , called on Monday to give info got a call back in a few hours, and car was ready on Tuesday by noon!🙌 Also affordable.
Todd B.
Todd B.
09:54 26 Mar 18
I like to work with professionals that are experts in their field and these guys fit the bill! I spoke to Greg on the phone and he started by giving me...
Jarod Moore
Jarod M.
15:18 23 Mar 18
Had some possible transmission issues with our 2014 Honda Odyssey while we were visiting San Antonio. Brought it in to West Ave to have it checked. Not only did they immediately check for codes they drove the vehicle with me to see what it was doing. Instead of charging me for something erroneous they diagnosed it to be a computer issue that should be covered under warranty through Honda and pointed me in the right direction. Very nice, very knowledgeable, very fair and honest. If I lived in San Antonio these would definitely be my go to guys. Thank you West Ave. Automotive and Transmission.
David Drott
David D.
15:51 17 May 17
Shout out to Greg and Desi at West Ave Automotive. When I left Houston, I unfortunately left a shop owned by a longtime family friend, whom I trusted with anything automotive. When I moved to San Antonio about 7 years ago, my first experience was with one of the big "family owned" shops in town. What should have been a $212 (Which I took to Houston and was confirmed) repair was estimated at near $4,000. I have been searching for an honest shop in SA ever since. Though unfortunate with a major transmission rebuild, I believe I have found an honest one in my first experience with Greg and Desi and West Ave Automotive. I believe in reviews, both good and bad, and I am happy to say at this time, the "Good" reviews were accurate for West Ave Automotive. Thank you Greg and Desi!
Charles Brey
Charles B.
22:27 26 Oct 16
I've had several vehicles cared for here. They won't sell you what you don't need, but they'll find what's wrong and make it right, at a reasonable and fair price.
Michael Schrieber
Michael S.
19:59 23 Sep 16
My 2009 Corolla was shaking and leaking oil after having a routine oil change at another shop. I took it to West Ave Automotive based on reviews I read on Automotive shops in my area. Greg, Desi and Rex were all very friendly and professional! Rex eplained to me that the previous shop forgot to put an O ring in causing the oil leak. Thanks so much for quickly resolving the issue and educating me about my vehicle! I will be using this shop in the future and highly recommend to others.
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S.
15:04 14 Jun 16
My Jeep lost reverse and after a few other shops diagnosed it with needing a new transmission, and quoting $$$$. I decided to try a different, locally owned...
Steve Jett
Steve J.
00:12 20 Oct 15
Dropped my F150 off for sticking shifter, Desi gave me a drop off ride since I was not waiting. Greg called with what was wrong and the cost few hours later, I gave them the go a head and got the call the problem fixed and available for pickup that day. They tried to get best price on part but only available at Ford. Very good service.
Nicholas Doc Aker
Nicholas Doc A.
06:39 08 Aug 15
Judi Bramble Sims
Judi Bramble S.
20:02 04 Jul 15
The owners at West Ave Automotive care about their customers and strive to provide excellent service at an affordable price. I have recently used them for engine, suspension, and AC repairs. Communication was great during the repair process and I was kept well informed. In addition, work was done in a timely manner and all issues were resolved the first time. They are honest and did not recommend any unnecessary repairs. I am extremely satisfied and will definitely use them again.
Alfonso Arturo Limon
Alfonso Arturo L.
18:28 14 Jun 15
West Ave Automotive & Transmission are very fast, dependable and charge alot less than other automotive shops. I took my car there for a water pump replacement and got it back within 2.5 hours. Other shops their eatimates were higher and wanted to keep my car overnight. I highly recommend West Ave Automotive & Transmission. As a bonus you get to talk with Greg and Desi Snell, the owners, two very nice people.
Ryan LaReau
Ryan L.
19:11 22 Apr 15
Top notch! Best shop I have been to. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff.


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