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Mike McWilliams
Mike M.
18:04 17 Apr 20
We own Dive In Pool Service & Repair and we ALWAYS bring our vehicles (work & personal) to West Ave A&T, always! They do great work, they're honest, they not only tell you what was 'broken', but why and they care. We've tried different shops...until we found Greg and his crew. Bye-bye GM!!!
Mike M.
Mike M.
11:07 17 Apr 20
We own Dive In Pool Service & Repair and we ALWAYS bring our vehicles (work & personal) to West Ave A&T, always! They do great work, they're honest, they...
israel gonzalez
israel G.
08:28 09 Mar 20
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah R.
18:15 08 Mar 20
Excellent service once again. I will continue bringing my car here for service.
Gary Cobb
Gary C.
16:23 23 Jan 20
jamar bell
jamar B.
05:55 11 Jan 20
Nathan Clifford
Nathan C.
17:23 21 Dec 19
Rachel Rudloff
Rachel R.
22:45 20 Dec 19
Great service. Honest friendly staff. Will most definitely always go back to this place. Great prices. New Owners just took over and they are doing a great job at turning it around. Keep it up!
Barney Cissell
Barney C.
02:29 12 Nov 19
I took my mother's car in for repairs. I can honestly say these folks are HONEST, caring, and do a professional timely service on vehicles! I was shown what my engine issue was and the price was very good. the owners and mechanics made me feel like family!
G Don
G D.
13:27 07 Nov 19
Friendly and honest folks.
17:46 24 Oct 19
Desi and Greg are honest, fair, helpful and transparent! They've made a customer for life with me. Thanks guys!
Roxanne M
Roxanne M
21:54 23 Oct 19
Thank you Greg and Desi for your friendly reception and helpful service. Your knowledge, service and advice is appreciated and I will be back!
Mychel J.
Mychel J.
12:35 08 Oct 19
Great Automotive Company. Marvin would not let my car go without finding the noise I was hearing. Greg and Desi are incredibly nice and they go the extra...
Jerry Overman
Jerry O.
00:51 04 Oct 19
Best and most honest people working on cars in Texas
Rene J Pastrano
Rene J P.
19:58 24 Sep 19
They are honest, do great work, and reasonably prices. I highly recommend them.
Rene Pastrano
Rene P.
18:44 24 Sep 19
I really like this place. They are honest, do a great job, and provide great service. The most honest mechanic I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend them
John E.
John E.
18:42 20 Sep 19
I am doing a tranny upgrade on a Mustang and they are doing the work, we ran into many difficulties because of where I bought the transmission and I am...
Francisco Ortega
Francisco O.
14:51 20 Sep 19
David Munro
David M.
18:46 12 Sep 19
These guys are the BEST!!! extremely professional.... fast.... reasonable..This is what you need in an auto mechanic.I wouldn't go anywhere else
John Estes
John E.
02:31 01 Sep 19
So far so good honest straightforward what I look for in a mechanic shop
Dave V
Dave V
15:34 19 Aug 19
I highly recommend this shop! I usually do all my own work including rebuilding my own transmissions. I was offered a very fair price for a standard rebuild. However I wanted lots of heavy duty upgrades. Extra clutches, 6 and 4 planetary steel pinions, heavy duty precision brand torque converter. I'm very hard on my vehicles. If I break something I want it to be improved. The work was completed about a year ago. I have no complaints! Most shops won't do what they did for me. The truck feels solid and I like the hard quick shifts. Also a few weeks later my shifter cable broke. They offered to install the part free of charge! The truck is 20 years old. The shifter cable is plastic things happen. That was a very generous gesture on their part! Again I usually do on my own work. but I will definitely go back if there's something I just don't want to do or don't have time. Thanks y'all!
clint mcgowan
clint M.
23:41 05 Aug 19
Competent, friendly , fast and fair repair shop.
Michael Wiggins-Freer
Michael W.
17:16 26 Jul 19
Love this place, the owners are real nice and have always beat prices of other shops by $150+. I've taken just about all my vehicles here for issues that can't be fixed without the proper equipment. I refer everyone I talk to about getting their car fixed to this shop. They can't be beat. They've got the best service, best prices, best time frame and keep in contact with you through the whole time they have your vehicle. I am always thoroughly impressed with their work and knowledge of the mechanics.
Robert Risica
Robert R.
03:52 24 Jul 19
They are very nice and helpful. I broke a release air valve on my freightliner I walk into their shop they loaned me the tools to take the part out then fixed the part where I could put it back together and up the road I went I and them saved my company down and the expense of a roadside repair I WANT TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR HELP Thank you west ave for your time and effortsRobert Risica SunBelt Xpress
K Claiborn
K C.
01:44 06 Jun 19
Fearing that the problem with my car was with the transmission, I did all kinds of research online about the problem (You Tube, Blogs, etc.). I called and emailed a number of shops. Eventually, I came to Desi (who later passed me off to Gregg). He heard me out - over the phone - about what the problem was with my car. When I took it in, he correctly identified it to be another issue altogether - something I would *never* have thought of. Instead of charging me an arm and leg once he discovered it, he said it did not need much - repaired it - and then charged me a nominal fee. What I appreciated was the honesty in this situation; and, I breathed a sigh of relief! Thanks for the fix guys! PS - will be back for the A/C.
Chasity Daniel
Chasity D.
19:30 04 Jun 19
Thank you Gregg for all your hard work. We have brought 2 vehicles in to west avenue automotive and the service we recieved has been beyond stellar. Both of our cars are running great and at a fair and reasonable charge. Again, words can not describe how satisfied we are and how grateful we are to you Gregg and your family. Great crew of mechanics. If you need some mechanical work done, give them a chance . you wont be disappointed.
franklin johnson
franklin J.
20:46 16 May 19
A good and honest mechanic is an asset and very hard to come by. Gregg is both. I brought my car in to have fixed. Not having a clue what was wrong. Gregg took my car in, found what was wrong and got my car back on the rd in less than 5 days. They also gave me a printed estimate of what else needed to be done to make my car whole again. I am so grateful to west avenue automotive and i strongly recomend using them. I will be recomending my friends as well as sending my other car in to have some maintenance done. Thank you Gregg for all your work. I will always bring my car back to you anytime i have issues.
Zack Baum
Zack B.
18:37 16 May 19
I've been here several times now and it's definitely worth my drive from Boerne. They do great work, but even better, are great people. They have been very honest and upfront with me and work hard to make sure I have been satisfied with the results. Definitely recommend
Gabriel Grigoras
Gabriel G.
21:35 24 Apr 19
the owners Greg and Desi are so honest,kind and knowledgeable,care about their customers .I ll be returning with my other vehicles and strongly recommending my family and friends,thank you
David Allen
David A.
13:45 11 Mar 19
Great place. Excellent customer service. Reasonable prices. They honor their commitments. Very friendly and honest.
Hector Martinez
Hector M.
22:27 08 Mar 19
Very happy with the work done on my vehicle. Had engine and transmission work done, feel like I'm in a new car. Very friendly..Great People!!..Thank You..Mr Martinez
Stephen Engle
Stephen E.
17:46 19 Feb 19
I took my 03 Ranger with 250k miles in for transmission repair, and power steering service and I could not have made a better decision! The repairs were done at a fair competitive price and in a timely manner. I was kept informed of all the details trough out the process. Rex the master technician is extremely knowledgeable no nonsense and gets the problem fixed right. The owners Greg and Desi are the Kind and honest Truly care about their customers and how their business is run. I will differently be returning with my other vehicles and recommending my family and friends.
Stephen Engle
Stephen E.
19:19 18 Feb 19
I took my 03 Ranger with 250k miles in for transmission repair, and power steering service and I could not have made a better decision! The repairs were done at a fair competitive price and in a timely manner. I was kept informed of all the details trough out the process. Rex the master technician is extremely knowledgeable no nonsense and gets the problem fixed right. The owners Greg and Desi are the Kind and honest Truly care about their customers and how their business is run. I will differently be returning with my other vehicles and recommending my family and friends.
Rolando Villarreal
Rolando V.
17:10 04 Feb 19
Excellent shop for transmission work. West Ave Automotive has become my choice for automotive repairs they are honest, they have great pricing and delivered as promised. Will recommend to anyone, you will not be disappointed.
Jenny Hamby
Jenny H.
21:01 18 Jan 19
kathy koenig
kathy K.
00:18 21 Nov 18
Fast, friendly service. Great ownership! Would highly recommend!
Marla M.
Marla M.
13:20 19 Oct 18
Very meticulous in their work and provided excellent service by Greg, Desi and Rex. Transmission problems with rusted support bolts, made for a headache....
Jess B.
Jess B.
18:12 17 Sep 18
I always bring my 06 Jeep Liberty here. These guys are awesome! They always give you a straight answer and are fast to get you up and running again without...
Annaleigh Cruz
Annaleigh C.
15:46 30 Jul 18
This is the best shop I have ever been to! Its affordable and the staff have your best intrest at heart God bless them they really deserve 10 stars! Thank you all!!
Delia Ramirez
Delia R.
23:29 18 Jul 18
Joe Gonzales here!I've invested around $750 for work to be done on my Ford focus. Not bothered at all by the price because the work comes out impeccable. So happy with how my car runs. I guess Mr. Greg and Desi do this generally, but they'll quote you at the max. price. Do the great work, and in my case when its time to pay, the price usually comes out 30 to 70 dollars cheaper. I myself view that as a saving!!! To me Mr. Greg and Mrs. Desi Snell are really cool. They'll square you away on what needs to be done with your vehicle. ( owners ) How could I forget.Wanna give a special thank you to head ASE Certified Master Technician Rex Bush and his team of mechanics! The best in the bizz. I would recommend this shop to all of San Antonio! Cheers! Salu!
Michael Miller
Michael M.
21:25 16 Jul 18
This is the most friendly place in town. Honest folks, clean shop, prompt service, fair prices, no complaints.
Laurie Chubb
Laurie C.
23:36 06 Jul 18
If you are looking for someone you can trust to do the right thing then give Greg and Desi at West Ave. Automotive and Transmission a try. We took our 12 year old Expedition in for them to evaluate what we thought for sure would require a new transmission. When we got the call from Greg, he found the problem to be something completely different at a fraction of the cost. Problem fixed...happy customer.
Robert Hamilton
Robert H.
00:58 04 Jul 18
Sharon Anderson
Sharon A.
21:51 18 Jun 18
Rosa Brown
Rosa B.
18:05 23 May 18
Fast friendly service at West Ave Auto shop. My was towed to shop on Sunday , called on Monday to give info got a call back in a few hours, and car was ready on Tuesday by noon!🙌 Also affordable.
All Malo
All M.
04:13 23 May 18
The Snells are honesty at work. Got us in and out and on our way....God bless them. Would go back and wished that they lived where I lived to recommend them to everyone.
18:19 18 May 18
Honest people with great service. We take all our company vehicles as well personal vehicles here and have never had any issues
Tony Bolin
Tony B.
12:40 25 Apr 18
Honest, dependable, and very hardworking!
Angela Hamilton
Angela H.
19:23 16 Apr 18
This shop is definitely by far the best automotive repair shop in the whole state of Texas!! They have excellent customer service and equally excellent mechanics!! By far the most honest and fair auto repair shop in the whole state of Texas!! The mechanic could have easily taken advantage of my situation and made unnecessary repairs, however, Thank God, that did not happen. I gave him the bolt and showed him where it came from and boom fixed in 15min. I can't say enough about how grateful I am for them. They will have my business forever!!!
David Drott
David D.
14:53 12 Apr 18
Shout out to Greg and Desi at West Ave Automotive. When I left Houston, I unfortunately left a shop owned by a longtime family friend, whom I trusted with anything automotive. When I moved to San Antonio about 7 years ago, my first experience was with one of the big "family owned" shops in town. What should have been a $212 (Which I took to Houston and was confirmed) repair was estimated at near $4,000. I have been searching for an honest shop in SA ever since. Though unfortunate with a major transmission rebuild, I believe I have found an honest one in my first experience with Greg and Desi and West Ave Automotive. I believe in reviews, both good and bad, and I am happy to say at this time, the "Good" reviews were accurate for West Ave Automotive. Thank you Greg and Desi!04/11/2018 Update: (Kinda long - but they earned the kudos) Over the past several months I have been referring my friends, neighbors and colleagues to West Ave. I tell them all, "Great Mom & Pop shop and Greg & Desi will treat you right"! I am all about reviews and referrals! It is kinda like the old TV commercial, "And they tell 2 friends, and so on..." Well, the real test of a shop's integrity is when you have to return for warranty work. As you can see above, Greg and Desi replaced my transmission about 11 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I understand vehicles (especially high mileage vehicles are going to have mechanical issues - Things are gonna happen) A few days ago I had to have my truck towed in due to a mechanical failure. From the moment I notified Desi my truck was on the way, she comforted me and said, "I am so sorry this happened to you. We will get you taken care of". I was preparing myself for some other costly expense? Greg called me and said, "Your truck is ready"! When I picked it up they explained the failed part and said "Thank you, for your business"! These guys have restored my faith in that there are still "Good, Honest and Kind" people in the business! Do yourself a favor if you need Auto repair in the SA area - Give Greg & Desi's West Ave Automotive the business! Thank you Greg and Desi!
Todd B.
Todd B.
09:54 26 Mar 18
I like to work with professionals that are experts in their field and these guys fit the bill! I spoke to Greg on the phone and he started by giving me...
Jarod Moore
Jarod M.
15:18 23 Mar 18
Had some possible transmission issues with our 2014 Honda Odyssey while we were visiting San Antonio. Brought it in to West Ave to have it checked. Not only did they immediately check for codes they drove the vehicle with me to see what it was doing. Instead of charging me for something erroneous they diagnosed it to be a computer issue that should be covered under warranty through Honda and pointed me in the right direction. Very nice, very knowledgeable, very fair and honest. If I lived in San Antonio these would definitely be my go to guys. Thank you West Ave. Automotive and Transmission.
Sandra Denson
Sandra D.
02:40 19 Feb 18
Giau Vo
Giau V.
16:48 01 Feb 18
Extremely understanding and friendly owners. I initially had my car towed there for a transmission work. After made a payment for diagnosis work (which would go toward the total cost of fixing the transmission), my brother and I called them numerous times within one day asking them about the status of the service while we looking for old transmission from other people to replace ours. We finally settled to sell the car to a buyer as is and the owners (Desi and Greg) refunded me the money without giving me any hard time. They are pleasant, honest people to do business with. Thank you Desi and Greg!
Jacqueline Castellon
Jacqueline C.
21:05 05 Jan 18
REX and the crew at this place did a great job for my transmission. They showed us exactly what was wrong with my transmission before they did anything, and they even showed me where the car dealership used glue to try to fix a major problem waiting to happen. They go out of their way to have your car back with confidence that it'll be working great. They even helped fixed a few extra things since insurance was helping me with coverage. So glad we chose them to help us and highly recommend.
katie snell
katie S.
16:45 05 Jan 18
Love them to death!! GO MOM AND DAD ❤️
Hugo Garza
Hugo G.
04:08 28 Dec 17
Knight's Amy
Knight's A.
06:50 24 Dec 17
DON'T BE AFRAID!! All right, Ladies!! If you're anything like me, having something go wrong with your car is terrifying because you're scared that you'll be ripped off, hoodwinked, and left out to dry, and, in the end, the car still won't be fixed. It's simply NOT going to happen here! Not only are the mechanics at West Ave. Automotive & Transmission the most knowledgeable and talented mechanics around, but they are also the most honest. The Snell's are good people of incredible integrity who value ethics more than gold - and here's a bonus: they beat everyone else on price as well. They are interested in building a business on hard work and community rather than money-making schemes. So, no matter where you are in the city or its surroundings, it's worth the drive to bring your baby to the capable and caring hands of Greg, Desi, Rex, and company. You will be so VERY happy that you did! By the way, if the work is extensive and leaves you without transportation, they have a good deal with a nearby rental agency that will be very reasonable. Relax and breathe. You've found the right place! : )
Wanda Hoffman
Wanda H.
12:59 22 Dec 17
Excellent service, knowledgeable staff. Mrs. Desi even gave me a ride twice. I would entrust West Auto with all of my car needs. Give them a call you will not be disappointed!
Glo Star
Glo S.
03:01 29 Nov 17
What a great and honest team! They went above and beyond to fix our transmission problem. Beyond reasonable and fair pricing. They have earned a customer for life. Thank you!
Gabriela Rangel
Gabriela R.
13:02 01 Oct 17
I found them via Google after my vehicle left us stranded in Austin after a 2-hour drive from San Antonio. After having a mobile mechanic take a look at the car, I was told the transmission was done for. Long story short, Desi, Greg and Rex saved the day! I heard all kinds of horror stories from relatives about transmission repair and costs, but the process at West was flawless and timely. I was so happy and impressed with their service, I recommended my husband take his vehicle there to have the AC looked at. It hadn't been properly cooling for a while, and Rex fixed the problem in one visit. From now on, if there's anything wrong with our cars that West offers services on, you can bet we're gonna go there! They were very friendly and knowledgeable, and even drove me home after leaving my car there for service (I live nowhere near the shop). I never got a vibe of shady practices from them, which is something I was afraid of due to the issue my car had. The location is very clean, an they have free WiFi and coffee/water. Can't say enough good things about them. Thank you!
mike perez
mike P.
02:10 23 Sep 17
Pig Ninja
Pig N.
14:19 22 Aug 17
Awesome service. Had my transmission fluid changed and they got me right in.
Jenn Estrada
Jenn E.
04:17 12 Jul 17
I had my differential worked on. They are the only guys that told me it was my bearings. Everyone else wanted to rebuild the entire differential. My truck is now quiet. It sounded like a humming disaster before. Thank you "Rex". Friendly and honest. Talk to him or the owner. They are both very trustworthy.
Aaron Wright
Aaron W.
03:45 07 Jul 17
I recently had my vehicle serviced at West Ave Automotive and to give some back story I come from a family who've owned an auto body shop for thirty years in the town I'm from, and I realize how difficult it can be to find a trusting hand when finding someone to work on your vehicle. The one thing my father taught me about having my auto serviced, "never take your car back to the dealership", so I kept this in my mind when I needed someone to work on my vehicle. I searched and searched until finally I found West Ave Automotive. To say they're honest would be an understatement. They told me exactly what I needed, and the pricing was incredibly competitive. Long story short, if you're having trouble with your vehicle, don't think twice and take it to West Ave Automotive.
Martha Ortega
Martha O.
21:15 10 Jun 17
Brought in my daughters 2007 Toyota Camry to get new rear brakes and replace spark plugs. Advised me to get a new front tire which I did. Prior to taking it to them I had taken it to the Toyota Dealership on I-10 and they recommended driver side inner CV boot due to some leaking. West Ave Automotive said it did not need it yet, saved me some money there. My daughter drove it to Colorado, 13 hours and says it is working just great and not giving her any problems. I highly recommend them!
Donna D
Donna D
02:33 08 Jun 17
Moved here from Dallas and have been looking for an automotive shop that can take care of my beloved older Ford Ranger. After reading all the reviews for West Ave Automotive, I took it in today for an oil change. Thanks for the reviews, all of you are right about this place. Super Friendly, Fair pricing & Fast service! The location is great - easy to get to from many areas of town. This is my new go-to garage.
David Drott
David D.
15:51 17 May 17
Shout out to Greg and Desi at West Ave Automotive. When I left Houston, I unfortunately left a shop owned by a longtime family friend, whom I trusted with anything automotive. When I moved to San Antonio about 7 years ago, my first experience was with one of the big "family owned" shops in town. What should have been a $212 (Which I took to Houston and was confirmed) repair was estimated at near $4,000. I have been searching for an honest shop in SA ever since. Though unfortunate with a major transmission rebuild, I believe I have found an honest one in my first experience with Greg and Desi and West Ave Automotive. I believe in reviews, both good and bad, and I am happy to say at this time, the "Good" reviews were accurate for West Ave Automotive. Thank you Greg and Desi!
Chris Bowman
Chris B.
15:29 24 Mar 17
Greg was extremely helpful and for some reason nice. I mean really nice, like he wanted my business. It was refreshing. I needed a simple fluid swap, and he an his crew handled it and cleared up my hard shifting/hunting gear issue. I will be taking my other vehicle back to him for more work.
Adam Keller
Adam K.
17:10 02 Mar 17
I moved back to San Antonio recently and found West Ave Automotive. I have been going to them for almost a year now and they have been wonderful to work with. Greg, Desi and Rex have been honest and have gone the extra mile with me. They have worked on multiple cars for me and I have been pIeased with their service every time. Especially when I brought my old-school 1986 Chevy truck in and their experienced mechanics were knowledgeable and got it running great when other mechanics couldn't. I also like how they always manage to get me in pretty quickly, even though at times they have many people coming in. Exceptional service and good people. Would recommend them!
Tim Byerly
Tim B.
20:54 17 Feb 17
Greg & his staff do a great job. Greg & Desi are very customer centric . I observed them on two occasions researching the most cost effective repair for the customer. They will have my business in the future
James Curtis
James C.
15:40 17 Feb 17
I am moving out of San Antonio and genuinely wish I could pack the folks at West Avenue Automotive up and take them with me. They have been honest, quick, and consciousness in all my dealings with them. At times when I was willing to pay for more expensive service, they found more affordable ways of meeting the need. Great shop. Great people. God bless!
Blaine Gregory
Blaine G.
20:36 25 Jan 17
Used the folks over there 3-4 times so far and have been treated really well. Pricing seems more than fair. Good People.
Christi Ringstaff
Christi R.
21:12 28 Dec 16
I don't have enough nice words to say about this place. Greg and Desi are amazing people. I was a skeptic and now I am a believer. I was very concerned when I went in to inquire about my transmission being fixed. They put me at ease and explained everything I needed to know. They did everything possible to accommodate me and their prices are right on track. I spoke to another employee while they were out and he was just as kind and helpful. These people are class acts! I won't go anywhere else ever again! I am certain you would have the same experience! Don't go anywhere else!
JR Rosales
01:42 09 Dec 16
They found the problem that I couldn't fixed it they even give me a ride back to my place can't thank them enough for everything they've done for me and at a pretty good price if I wasn't moving I'd go there from now on.
Juan Schiavone
Juan S.
17:07 21 Nov 16
Great assistance to find the problem with my car; I've got a ride back and forth home. Work well done and in short time. Reasonable price.Overall, excellent.You can tell it's family owned for how good they treat you and your vehicle.
Valerie Jean Flores
Valerie Jean F.
03:46 09 Nov 16
The best automotive shop I have ever been to! The owners are so professional and extremely nice. They told me the truth of what was going on with my car and didn't charge me a dime to diagnose it!
Charles Brey
Charles B.
22:27 26 Oct 16
I've had several vehicles cared for here. They won't sell you what you don't need, but they'll find what's wrong and make it right, at a reasonable and fair price.
Samantha Carpenter
Samantha C.
17:55 27 Sep 16
Our car was really in bad shape, transmission wasn't changing gears. The power steering was leaking. We thought it was the last trip for our car, but we came across this shop and the moment we went in, we were welcomed, every thing was cleaned (very unusual in these places). Desi and Greg treated us wonderfully, and they were very honest with the repairs, parts..etc, they found ways to save us money and did the job in a timely matter. Our car works great now, after taking it to different "professionals" without fixing the problem or bringing it with a new problem. The first time in my life, I can trust a shop for my car repairs. I will definitely go back to them for my car maintenance and repairs care.
Michael Schrieber
Michael S.
19:59 23 Sep 16
My 2009 Corolla was shaking and leaking oil after having a routine oil change at another shop. I took it to West Ave Automotive based on reviews I read on Automotive shops in my area. Greg, Desi and Rex were all very friendly and professional! Rex eplained to me that the previous shop forgot to put an O ring in causing the oil leak. Thanks so much for quickly resolving the issue and educating me about my vehicle! I will be using this shop in the future and highly recommend to others.
Michelle Campos
Michelle C.
19:29 23 Aug 16
They were extremely nice and told us straight out what the problem was on the car! Definitely recommend this place!!
Adrian Ortega
Adrian O.
01:03 23 Jul 16
ARDye Dye
ARDye D.
02:30 17 Jun 16
Our family was traveling 7 hours to San Antonio for a family vacation when our transmission broke down along loop 1604. After seeing the reviews and location of West Ave Automotive, I had my GMC Avalanche towed in and explained to Greg and Desi what was going on with the car and our time deadline here in San Antonio. Greg and Desi were very sympathetic and moved my truck to first priority on a busy Monday to start the week. There professional team rebuilt my transmission and had me back on the way home by that Thursday morning. Because of there awesome team, I'm glad to say we made it back to Lubbock. Thanks you guys for the great efficiency, my truck sounds brand new and handled those interstate hills with ease. Cody Dye, PharmD
Eugene J Hawthorne II
Eugene J Hawthorne I.
22:17 09 Jun 16
Greg, Desi Snell and Rex are two of the nicest, honest, thorough people in the business right now!! Keep up the great work you guys..I will continue to have all my cars serviced here @ WAA&T now and in the future! Affordable Prices too!!!It is so hard to find the total package in this kind of business but with West Ave Transmission you find exactly that...and more!Recently I had my brakes serviced on my Chevy Impala back in like March 2015.. what a fast, easy, pleasing experience the whole thing was, they even took me aside to teach me about my car and thoroughly explained that, and any other things that i should watch out for in the future.. we were all on the same page! The thoroughness of ALL THREE was hands down 5 star service EXCELLENT! I also went there today 6/9/15 and was there because of a bad shop down the road serviced a car of mistake but i had no choice at the time because i broke down almost right in front of that bad shop and couldn't afford a tow, they made matters worst that bad shop Full Service.. but West Ave Automotive fixed that problem for me within 15 min. right on the spot...they really worked with me and my situation at the moment...I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR SERVICE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up the great work you guys GREG, DESI and REX!Until next time =)
Arrian Mehis
Arrian M.
07:46 01 Jun 16
Super honest and fair. Will continue to get my business.
Amos Edgett
Amos E.
20:33 25 May 16
Greg, Rex and the rest of the West Ave Auto team provide an excellent service at a great price. As our fleet ages, we know we will be able to keep or trucks on the road and producing, since we have an excellent mechanic shop we can trust. We have used West Ave Auto for transmission work, a/c work, front end repairs, water pumps and many other issues and they have always done the job right in a timely manner.
Alma Serrata
Alma S.
15:50 19 May 16
I'm glad I found this place - quite by accident. I had an emergency and pulled into the shop. Greg saved the day by having the guys look at my car and they made a temporary repair. I went back to the shop after buying the part needed at the dealer. The labor charge to install the part was half what the dealer quoted me! The mechanic, Rex, also pointed out a potential problem which he serviced temporarily. This will allow him to see if it is a problem when I take my car back to the shop next week. Regardless of what the problem is (or isn't), I am not stressing because I trust Greg, Desi and Rex completely. They are honest and kind people and I know I'm in good hands with them. I have already recommended them and will always do so!
Chas Brey
Chas B.
11:43 08 Apr 16
Great folks, good work, honest prices, done before promised. They did the work on the front brakes of my 2014 F-150 for just a little more that I would have spent on parts alone. And the replacement parts have a warranty making my repairs worry free. I'm going back the next time I need work done on any of my vehicles.Thanks Greg and Desi!
Charles Manley
Charles M.
15:31 23 Mar 16
West Ave Automotive is the best place to get your vehicle repaired. Greg is very honest and very easy to work with. Both my Honda and my Ford truck are working great! He knows how to repair vehicles correctly. Good man to do business with. I would highly recommend him!
03:40 26 Feb 16
Greg and Desi Snell are two of the nicest, most honest people. I was in a very stressful situation where my transmission had a complete fluid evacuation due to another shop's mistake which led to an emergency situation. Needless to say, I was freaking out. Desi offered to pick me up to drive me to their shop (which is nice and clean) and Greg arranged a tow for me immediately. The mechanics there are top notch (a shoutout to Rex Bush, he's the man!!), and I knew I was in experienced, capable hands from the get-go. I can't say enough good things about this business, it's owners and staff. They are a gem in a world of so much uncertainty (and untrustworthiness) in car repair shops. I will continue to trust them with my vehicles, and will DEFINITELY recommend them to friends and family.
arturo jones
arturo J.
16:42 18 Dec 15
Very good place to take your vehicles staff is very helpful tere willing to go out there way for your convenience
Jimbob King
Jimbob K.
19:29 01 Dec 15
Great honest service,more than competitive pricing. I'm a completely satisfied customer.
Robyn Rivera
Robyn R.
19:11 25 Oct 15
My wife and I recently started having trouble with our car overheating so we decided to go to west ave automotive and transmission. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a handshake and a smile by the owners Greg and Desi. They took our car in right away and it wasn't long before Rex the technician came in and explained what was found and what they plan to do with it. VERY REASONABLE prices and everything is thoroughly explained before any work is done. Only a few hours to fix and was given a ride home and back to the shop when the car was done by Desi. Great people and great conversation. Would recommend to anyone that needs servicing. They definitely have our business!!
steve jett
steve J.
00:13 20 Oct 15
Dropped my F150 off for sticking shifter, Desi gave me a drop off ride since I was not waiting. Greg called with what was wrong and the cost few hours later, I gave them the go a head and got the call the problem fixed and available for pickup that day. They tried to get best price on part but only available at Ford. Very good service.
Steve Jett
Steve J.
00:12 20 Oct 15
Dropped my F150 off for sticking shifter, Desi gave me a drop off ride since I was not waiting. Greg called with what was wrong and the cost few hours later, I gave them the go a head and got the call the problem fixed and available for pickup that day. They tried to get best price on part but only available at Ford. Very good service.
Gopal Sudarsan
Gopal S.
23:31 06 Oct 15
I had new A/C system installed in my Nissan XTERRA recently at West Ave Automotive. Owners Greg and Desi were very courteous and offered ride to my home while the A/C system was replaced. Master Technician Rex was very attentive and made sure everything was working well- they also replaced a part at no cost due to the installed part not compatible with the system. The waiting room is very clean and the owners provide free gourmet coffee with many flavors to choose from. This is a good business venture for Greg and Desi and I wish them great success.
Desi Dallas
Desi D.
01:42 03 Oct 15
Great People...........Generous ,kind ,technically sound ,economical , Trust worthy , on time , over all i can say extremely perfect , my experience may help others like me who googled and try to find a good automotive shop around san antonio , we had brought a used 2007 bmw 5 series car , which has many problems from over heating to mis firing and transmission problems and ended up to many mechanic shops , many wont want to touch the bmw , as mechanical engineer and related to automotive i can understand .but the guys in west ave automotive Greg and Desi, Tom & Rex,Jessi they understand the situation of the car with a pleasant mind and solved the issues perfectly and the price they charged me is 10 times lower to others .Rex solved all the issues , Tom who rebuilt my transmission and Greg who helped in finding the best components for bmw .
Wayne Ramirez
Wayne R.
13:58 30 Sep 15
I can not say enough about how awesome this shop is. When you are looking for that trustworthy mechanic in the neighborhood, trust me this is it. I took my 2007 F-150 for a full tune up and for what I thought may be a transmission issue. After we spoke and I told them the symptoms and they got to work. They were able to pinpoint the problem within an hour and give me their feedback. I ended up going with a full tune up and all my issues were resolved, my truck is running like new! They even saved my old parts so I could see what was going on. On top of my truck being fixed with tremendous detail, the prices are some of the best in town. I shopped around for a bit for a trustworthy mechanic and after going to a few shops and speaking with the owners, I just got that gut feeling from here after speaking with Greg and Desi. This is a family owned shop that will not BS you. I know enough about cars to know when someone is just blowing smoke, which unfortunately a lot of shops do. Give these guys a shot, you will not be disappointed! -Wayne
Marie Izzo Angelicchio
Marie Izzo A.
19:21 18 Sep 15
These are wonderful salt-of-the-earth people. You just know that when you meet them. Their heart shines through. Add to that their knowledge of vehicles, and being able to explain things in a way that the consumer can understand is amazing. Their prices are VERY FAIR and they have my business from now on.
Thomas Klotzbach
Thomas K.
22:53 10 Sep 15
Since they have opened been there multiple times with different vehicles. Outstanding work at a very reasonable cost. Can't remember the AC in our Suburban ever being that cold since I've owned it. Highly recommend this place.
Emily Humpal
Emily H.
01:38 13 Aug 15
I had an excellent experience with West Ave Automotive & Transmission! They were very friendly and willing to give me the best possible pricing and service. I had called other automotive repair shops for estimates on the pricing and their prices were outrageous. I then called West Ave Automotive & Transmission and over the phone he gave me a reasonable estimate and was willing to look at my car free of charge to get a better understanding of the problem. The service provided was exceptional from beginning to end. They did a tremendous job with my vehicle going above and beyond by keeping me constantly updated on the process and the options I had for repair. They even took the time to explain to me exactly what the problem was. Great customer service, pricing, and overall experience. My car is working great and I now have no problems with it. I would highly recommend them and I am glad I now have a repair shop in SA I will always go to!
Nicholas Doc Aker
Nicholas Doc A.
06:39 08 Aug 15
Peaches Jackson
Peaches J.
13:13 07 Aug 15
I loved the owners! They got my car up and running. They took me to work and had my car finished by the time I got off. They definitely have my vote!
Judi Bramble Sims
Judi Bramble S.
20:02 04 Jul 15
The owners at West Ave Automotive care about their customers and strive to provide excellent service at an affordable price. I have recently used them for engine, suspension, and AC repairs. Communication was great during the repair process and I was kept well informed. In addition, work was done in a timely manner and all issues were resolved the first time. They are honest and did not recommend any unnecessary repairs. I am extremely satisfied and will definitely use them again.
jessica andrade
jessica A.
19:20 27 Jun 15
Very friendly. Affordable prices with great work. Would recommend to everyone!!!
alfonso limon
alfonso L.
18:36 14 Jun 15
This shop is fast, reasonably priced and their staff is very knowledgeable plus the owners Greg and Desi are two of the nicest people you'll meet.
Alfonso Arturo Limon
Alfonso Arturo L.
18:28 14 Jun 15
West Ave Automotive & Transmission are very fast, dependable and charge alot less than other automotive shops. I took my car there for a water pump replacement and got it back within 2.5 hours. Other shops their eatimates were higher and wanted to keep my car overnight. I highly recommend West Ave Automotive & Transmission. As a bonus you get to talk with Greg and Desi Snell, the owners, two very nice people.
Josue Chavez
Josue C.
19:54 07 Jun 15
Friendly service with decent prices! Worth a try. I had my transmission oil changed there. A+
andrea gatler
andrea G.
18:19 09 May 15
I drive a 2005 Honda CRV. When my car stopped running I basically had only two options that were both expensive: (1) new transmission (2) a new car. My uncle referred to a mechanic by the name of Rex. I went to visit him at West Ave Automotive & Transmission and he was kind enough me get the cost of the work to where I could handle it. It took a while because the parts for my car are so hard to find, but they were fantastic and I've been happy with their work. If I was to buy a new car today, I would totally let them take care of the transmission. They definitely know what they're doing and the guys are super nice!
Seth Prescott
Seth P.
15:16 29 Apr 15
I would highly recommend these guys, the new owners provide great personal service!Very clean, timely, and reasonable pricing and very easy to get to!Also have free wifi!
Ryan LaReau
Ryan L.
19:11 22 Apr 15
Top notch! Best shop I have been to. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff.


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