Free Transmission Repair Diagnostic

At West Ave Automotive & Transmission repair, we have earned a reputation for providing quality transmission repair in San Antonio for years. We can provide you with a free external diagnostic for your transmission. A scan tool can be an effective transmission diagnostic tool. Our goal is to thoroughly interpret the sensor data from the scanner. Using this data, we can more clearly determine potential issues with your transmission.

Road Testing To Diagnose Transmission Issues

Are you experiencing slipping between up and/or downshifts when driving your car? Our experienced technicians can perform a road test to feel any slipping activity of your transmission between gears. This is a critical step in identifying potential problems with your transmission. When it comes to transmission repair in San Antonio, we can thoroughly diagnosis your transmission internally and externally if necessary.

How To Tell If Transmission Repair is Needed

Here are five signs of transmission problems:
  1. Hard or rough shifts between gears
  2. Transmission slipping is a common issue. Transmission slipping means your car is skipping gears. For example, your car may start in gear 1 and rev high and skip to 3rd or 4th gear instead of transitioning to 2nd as expected.
  3. Transmission fluid leaks
  4. Transmission light warning
  5. Engagement delays when you press the accelerator

How Much does Transmission Repair Cost?

Costs for transmission repair in San Antonio may vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Make and Model
  • Mileage
  • Parts
  • Labor
  • And more

We recommend scheduling a free external transmission diagnostic with us so that we can better determine cost for you.

How To Check For Transmission Problems?

  1. Warning Lights on your dashboard can indicate problems with your transmission
  2. Perform Transmission Fluid checks
  3. Acceleration and deceleration checks
  4. Feel for slipping or delayed response time

How Long Does Transmission Repair Diagnostic Take?

An external transmission repair diagnostic can take approximately 90 minutes. Our experienced technicians will check the level and condition of the transmission fluid, road testing your car, and a diagnosis of the external transmission controls.

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